P7 Show 'Aladdin' 2014

St. Comgall’s primary school Antrim presents Aladdin.

The Primary 7 children and teachers presented their end of year Musical, Aladdin Jr. in St. Comgall’s school hall on 11th and 12th June 2014.  The show included many of the famous scenes from the classic Disney film.  We even had a magic carpet ride and lots of the songs such as “a whole new world”, “Prince Ali” and “Why Me.”

We have been preparing for the show for during most of term 3.  The pupils made many of their own  costumes, props and stage decorations. We spent lots of afternoons after school rehearsing the songs and dance numbers. This was a very difficult task especially for the lead actors, Conor Logue (Aladdin) Clodagh Gillen(jasmine), Philip Houston (jafar) Margerita Kubicka (Iago), Kal Harbinson (genie) Arnold Oduvelil( Sultan) managed to learn the whole script in a short time.  It would be hard to single a performer out as the star and we are all agreed that every person did their best when they took to the stage.

Getting ready for the show nights was so exciting, we all had to wear make-up (even the boys). This was particularly time consuming for Kal (the genie) and Margerita ( Iago).  Lois O’Kane from P7b said “IT WAS REALLY FUN WEARING THE MAKE UP BECAUSE IT FELT LIKE WE WERE DOING A REALLY IMPORTANT BROADWAY SHOW, LIKE REAL ACTORS.”

Our feelings before going on stage were excitement and nervousness. We are the first p7 year group to act in the school hall.  We all feel really lucky as we are the first to use our new stage, lights and sound system.  We didn’t have a lot of time to practice as term 3 is so busy. The songs had been very hard to learn but we pulled it off on the night.  Francesca (Frankie)Morgan said “my favourite song was prince Ali, that was because we all got to dance and use pom poms. At the end of the show we got a standing ovation.”

The big aim of  the cast was to make our parents, audience and teachers proud.  It was phenomenal when at the end we received a huge round of applause.  The reaction from the audience exceeded everything anyone of the cast could have imagined.  It was really emotional and there were a few tears of joy.  Some  of the cast members noticed a few parents reaching for their tissues and it wasn’t just the mums.

As a year group we all agree that P7 has been a very busy and fun filled year with many huge things happening such as tests, confirmation, trips away but we all agreed that this has also been one of the highlights of the year.


Written by Lois O’Kane, Frankie Morgan, Zuzanna Konieczkowicz, Margerita Kubicka and Shonaghleigh Robinson.

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