P7 Trip 'Carlingford' 2015

On the 11th of May at 08:05 the P7 children along with six teachers set off on a coach to Carlingford Adventure Centre Co. Louth. When we arrived we had to go upstairs to a common room and were told all the rules and which dormitories we would be staying.
When we got to the Skypark we were split into two groups. My group went to the Skypark first. When the instructor was explaining how to correctly use the Skypark I thought it would be quite tricky but soon I got the hang of it. After completing the trial course we could move on to the main bit. On the main bit we could choose either the high, medium or low course, I chose the medium one. I found it slightly scary as the wind was blowing and some of the obstacles started to shake.
Zorbing was great fun! It is where you get into a big blown up sphere which has the centre taken out, for you to get into. I enjoyed being able to run about and bash into others without worrying about getting hurt. Communication Breakdown is where we had to go inside a dark maze and try to find our way out, it was pitch black. I thought it would be a little bit easy but it wasn’t. Archery was a bit tricky. We got four shots each.
On the forest walk we got told a scary story about an old lady, a house and the residents of Carlingford town. When we got further into the forest we played a game, where we were put into groups of five and were told a kitchen object which we had to try and act out. My group was a microwave.
We were all very excited for the Water Sports. Once we had all the right gear on we had to carry the canoes to the bottom of the slipway. Once we were in the water we got taken out a bit by speedboat (attached to the canoes) we then separated from the speedboat and paddled over to the shore. When we were on the beach we played a few games. It then got very cold, windy and rainy so we had to get on the speedboat and be taken back to the pier.
Before we headed off to the Laser Combat we had to go to the Laser Lane behind the Adventure Centre and change into overalls and get our gun. We either had a gun with red on the end or with blue on the end which separated us into our teams. When we arrived at the Laser Combat arenas, we were split into our red and blue teams. Half of the reds and half of the blues went into one arena and the other half of the reds and the other half of the blues went into a different arena.
Carlingford was great fun!
By Cara

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