Year Seven


Our theme is Building Big Topic

Our writing genre is Recount Writing.



Our theme is Farm to Fork

Our writing genre is Persuasive Writing.

We are looking forward to making our Confirmation this year



Our theme is Are You Wise?

Our writing genre is Instructional Writing.





Websites that will be useful  are:

PurpleMash (All subject areas)

Mangahigh (Numeracy)

NI Curriculum STEMworks

PBS Building Big

The pupils will also have an opportunity to further their leaning and develop online and ICT skills by visiting  FRONTER .

  • www.primarygames free worksheets (useful for times tables practice)
  • has a wide range of printable materials for revision purposes.
  • an excellent resource to support all school learning and to provide assessment and feedback of pupil’s development.
  • BBC skillwise is useful to cover basic concepts and to practice the processes of maths areas within the curriculum  Maths is fun is similar to BBCskillwise.

 Mr Phillips

Mrs Duffy

Mr Henry

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