6th Mar 2015

A very special day for the Primary 7 children, their families,  teachers and the Parish community.
The children were confirmed by Bishop Treanor.

Our Confirmation Day

By the Boys and Girls of P7 B

Our  Confirmation took place on Friday 27th February in St. Josephs Church, Antrim

It was a very special day where we received the Holy Spirit. As part of the ceremony we renewed our Baptismal promises. We were not able to do this at baptism because we were too young previously.

Bishop Treanor the head of the Catholic Church in all of Down and Connor was the celebrant.

He invited each one of us up and asked us to “receive the gift of the Holy Spirit” we responded by saying Amen! He also wished us peace. Our sponsors were also there and they are special like our Godparents as they will help us to continue and develop our faith.

We had been preparing for a long time. We have had a commitment mass, an assembly, Service of light ceremony, a retreat and many lessons teaching us how to be members of Gods community. We studied Jesus life and have learned how we can use the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit to be mature members of God’s Kingdom. Bishop Treanor asked us a lot of questions about what we had learned.   Fr. Emerson, Mr. Matthews and our p7 teachers Mr. McLaughlin and Mr. Jones looked very relieved when we answered all the questions correctly.

Our parents were very proud and said the ceremony was lovely. Aidan Turkington’s mum was very pleased and he said when she heard the music it brought tears to her eyes. It was noticed that she was not the only parent who was beaming with pride.

At the end of the mass we all went back to St. Josephs school for a snack and photographs with the Bishop. Maeve Carlin from P7 B was seen taking a selfie with Bishop Treanor. Our whole class agreed it was one of the highlights of P7 but we look forward to many more good days to come at St. Comgalls.

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